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Chloe Made Me Study

Aug 31, 2020

#010 – Over the course of your qualification, you’re going to be spending A LOT of time studying – hardly a newsflash. And your environment is important. It can be motivating, comfortable, aid your focus, and improve your productivity so you tick off your tasks faster. Or, your environment can be distracting,...

Aug 27, 2020

#009 – If I asked you to tell me the reasons behind your grades, what would you say? What is holding you back from achieving better results?


Maybe you're fully aware of your obstacles and know exactly what needs to change to increase your results. But there are often numerous factors at play that stop us reaching...

Aug 13, 2020

#008 – Your studying is affected by and affects the lives of those you live with and your friends and family. Your support network may sometimes view the time and energy you give to your studying as attention taken away from them – which can cause issues and resentment.


This means that setting studying boundaries...