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Chloe Made Me Study

Jul 31, 2020

#007 – Receiving your latest university grades can be a time for celebration or a time for disappointment. If you’re not happy with your grades it’s easy to slip into negative thinking and can be difficult to pick yourself up and move forward.


But there’s a simple process you can follow to take your latest...

Jul 16, 2020

#006 – Procrastination is the nemesis of a lot of students. A Netflix-binge, early night or even cleaning the bathroom is often more appetising than starting that essay or revising for that exam. 


But while procrastination may be fun, the effects of it are not – including guilt, stress, all-nighters and crappy...

Jul 2, 2020

#005 – Our mindset can make a massive difference to our studying. It can seem impossible to make progress when we’re feeling unmotivated, distracted, negative, unconfident.


But these feelings aren’t an excuse to ditch your studying and procrastinate. Because there’s a super simple thing you can do to get back...