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Chloe Made Me Study

Jan 7, 2021

#030 – 2021 has started off well, right?! Worldwide education continues to be affected by the covid-19 pandemic and further restrictions have made it much harder to study during lockdown.

While a lot is out of our control right now, there ARE steps we can take to boost our motivation and productivity, and strengthen our mindset and resilience, so that we can continue to make progress in our studies and achieve the grades we need.

In this episode, I teach you 7 strategies to help you study during lockdown more effectively. You’ll discover simple methods that will allow you to fit studying into your lockdown life so that you can continue to further your education.

I’ll share simple tweaks you can make to your mindset, routines and methods to make it easier to prioritise your study during lockdown...and hopefully cry a bit less!

You’ve got this!

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