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Chloe Made Me Study

Dec 17, 2020

#029 – Having to study over Christmas kinda sucks, right? It would be wonderful to take 2 weeks off and purely lounge in your PJs, drink mulled wine and watch Elf for the 76th time…

...but your education has other ideas.

The first thing you’ll discover in this episode is whether you really NEED to study over Christmas – if you need to work towards upcoming assessments, or if you could actually just give yourself a break.

Then I’ll walk you through five simple strategies that will make it easier to study over Christmas. You’ll discover ways to boost your productivity and motivation, and get your family onboard, so you can whizz through your study tasks faster and have more time for festive fun. I’ll talk you through how to overcome that guilt...either that you should be spending more time relaxing or with your family, or that you should study every single day.

It is possible to study over Christmas, make progress AND enjoy the holidays so you can start 2021 feeling rested. In this episode, I’ll show you how.

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